Centralplast - expert on swimming pools and roofing.
Homogeneous plates 8 -20 mm from Röchling Engineering Plastics.

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We manufacture our plastic swimming pools from environmentally friendly and non-toxic polypropylene in thicknesses of 5 or 8 mm (steps 8 mm) with UV stabiliser against solar radiation. Following a number of unsatisfactory experience with different manufacturers, from 2007 we began to exclusively use materials from the German company Simona – Europe’s number one for quality. In general, thelifetime of a plastic swimming pool is from 25-30 years, which is dependent primarily on the overall level of care for the pool, on the use of chemicals, covering the pool, etc. Our swimming pools are produced from eco-friendly and harmless polypropylene thicknes from 5 to 51 mm with UV stabilizer. This material is resistant to chemicals, which are used for water maintenance. HERZ SL 4000 CNC automatic welding equipment, which no other pool manufacturing company in the Czech Republic owns but us

We manufacture the bodywork of our swimming pools from plastic using the latest welding methods(Leister hot-air welding tools, Leister and Herz extruders, the HERZ 4000 CNC butt welding machine), which guarantee virtually 100% solidity a 100% watertightness for any swimming pool construction. We are holders of the certificates ‘European Plastics Welder’“ and ‘Plastics Welding Engineer’.We manufacture plastic swimming pools of dimensions up to 4.5x10m at our workshop; bigger pools are manufactured at the customer’s premises. The pool is placed into the ground onto a concrete slab (in the majority of cases by crane) and once insulated and the reinforcing framework fitted, is concreted into place according to the manual. Only circular swimming pools may be above ground or partially concreted.

10 years guarantee for waterproof of welds of CENTRAL-POOL swimming pools.

10 years guarantee for waterproof of PVC pipes glued in Centralplast.

2 years guarantee for all other equipment.
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